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SFU’s School of Communication has undertaken Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Media in B.C. Study,a study on ethnic media in Vancouver which arose to remedy the information blindspots on the sector in Canada which were identified in an initial dialogue sponsored by SFU’s School of Communication and the Department of Canadian Heritage-BC Yukon District on February 28, 2006.



The study consists of three phases:

  1. A map of the third language ethnic media sector originated in BC and imported to B.C.

  2. A comparative content analysis of international, national and local media to identify different approaches to news agendas and marketing orientations

  3. Depth interview of prominent stakeholders in the third language media sector in BC to contribute to a policy analysis of ways for the regional Department of Canadian Heritage to assist in capacity building and address industry and community needs.


Research Team

CatherineDr. Catherine A. Murray, Principal investigator

The principal investigator for this research grant program is Dr. Catherine Murray, co-author of Researching Audiences (London:Arnold, 2003) and Silent on the Set: Representation of Cultural Diversity on TV ( 2002) conducted for the Department of Canadian Heritage, Strategic Research & Analysis Branch, SRA-597

Simon Fraser University
School of Communication
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SherrySherry Yu, Senior Research Associate

Sherry Yu, a former marketing researcher, is a doctoral student in SFU’s School of Communication and a Senior Research Associate for this research grant program. Her research area is Canadian multiculturalism and non-English and non-French media. She recently authored a paper for the Metropolis Project (2007).


DanielDaniel Ahadi, Senior Research Associate

Daniel Ahadi is a doctoral student in SFU’s School of Communication and a senior Research Associate for this research grant program. He is studying the influence of Fox News Channel on international news production in a post September 11 era.


Multi-lingual project group (CMNS 448 Summer 2007)

CMNS 448

Upper row: Maiko Nakamura, Manjot Bains, Danny Wong, Yuni Oh

Lower row: Shay Fung, Mike Lee, Yumi Kim

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